Installing Different Vinyl Sidings

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The roof is a crucial part of your home’s safety. It protects everything inside from the scorching heat of the sun and the bitingly cold rain. Without a roof, the interior of the house will be damaged or destroyed. However, good roofing may sometimes not be enough. This is why it’s essential for a structure to have siding.


Siding is the outer covering of a house designed to shed water and protect it from the effects of weather. Siding can also add an aesthetic appeal to the house. This is why many researchers today are trying to study and develop new forms of siding which will provide a lot of security to the house, without compromising design issues.


The choice of siding will help prevent moisture penetration and the growth of contaminants such as mold, dust mites, and bacteria. There are different types of siding materials which are wood, aluminum, fiber cement, and vinyl.


Vinyl siding is a recent development designed to compete with aluminum siding. Vinyl siding comprises of polyvinyl chloride resins, combined with other elements for increased durability, flexibility, and color retention. Millions of American homeowners have switched to vinyl siding. Here are a few ways to install vinyl siding to your home.


Vinyl Shakes


When using vinyl shakes for roofing Worcester MA homes, the shakes should be nailed exposed to the weather for no more than 10 inches. Vinyl shakes are installed similarly as wood shakes. These shakes are a solid color and are protected from ultraviolet rays.


Vinyl Sheets


Single ply vinyl sheets can be purchased in variety of lengths and widths to accommodate building projects. The success of vinyl siding Boston homes are seen with depends on the strength at the seams for water not to penetrate. Vinyl sheets can be mechanically fastened, adhered, or ballasted depending on the roof style.


Mechanical Fastener, Adhesive or Ballast


When installing vinyl siding Boston homes have, you’ll be choosing between these three processes. Mechanically fastening is reliable, quick, and easy to install. Adhering vinyl means the vinyl is attached to the insulation using a water-based adhesive. This method leaves the vinyl exposed, making it another option for color use. Ballast is generally stones that are placed over vinyl.


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Installing Different Vinyl Sidings

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Installing Different Vinyl Sidings

This article was published on 2011/10/13