Vinyl Garage Flooring - Great Benefits!

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Vinyl garage flooring is fast becoming popular in the country and even all around the globe. It seems that more and more people are discovering the benefits of using vinyl to cover their garage floor.

Since vinyl is made out of plastic resin, many think that this material is weak and easy to tear. In reality, however, vinyl is a very sturdy material. In fact, vinyl tiles, sheets and mats are actually used in many commercial areas and buildings. If you are planning to renovate your garage, it might be high time for you to consider vinyl flooring. Below are some of the reasons why.


It is without a doubt that vinyl flooring is one of the most inexpensive flooring materials on the market. With an average of $2 per vinyl tile, you can easily improve the look and feel of your garage floor with less than $1,000 (of course the cost will depend on the size of your garage).

You can also opt to use vinyl sheets which are also reasonably priced so you really do not have to worry about your budget. Besides, vinyl tiles and sheets come in varied colors, sizes and designs that you can choose from. Whatever the theme of your garage or home is, you can surely find a vinyl design to match it.


When vinyl tiles were first introduced on the market, a lot of people thought that such material would not go far. Since vinyl is basically plastic, who would consider using this material for their flooring? Nowadays, however, you will find vinyl sheets and tiles not only in homes but also in malls, buildings and other commercial establishments.

Due to the advances in vinyl manufacturing technology, vinyl tiles and sheets are now made stronger and better than ever. Since garage floors will be exposed to high traffic and heavy objects, you should choose commercial-grade tiles to ensure that your floor will be stronger and more durable than the vinyl material that you normally use in your bathroom or kitchen. You also have an option to use vinyl mats that you can simply roll on your garage floors.

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl garage flooring is really very practical. Aside from being inexpensive and sturdy, it is also easy to maintain. If you know how to use a mop or rag, then you will surely not have any problem cleaning your vinyl flooring with soap and water.

But remember not to use strong bleach or harsh chemicals on the floor because this might cause discoloration on your vinyl surface...

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Vinyl Garage Flooring - Great Benefits!

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This article was published on 2010/03/30