What is Vinyl Wall Lettering

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If you have never heard about vinyl wall lettering, then you are missing one of the best ways to decorate your home. Why? Because using vinyl lettering to decorate your home is beautiful, inexpensive, and can be changed without having to do anything drastic to your home!

Vinyl lettering is unique in that it is literally letters, logos, or other designs that are made out of vinyl and have a sticky back that adheres to the walls in your home, the sides of your car, or basically any other hard, non-porus material. And when properly put up, can last for years or months or days - you get to choose!

The most common way to use vinyl letters in decorating your home is by using it to 'write' on your walls. You can put up whatever great quote or saying or word that you would like on your wall, and it will look just like it was painted on. But, if you then get tired of the quote, or want to change it because now it is Christmas time and not Thanksgiving, then you can. And you can do so with very little effort and cost.

In fact, vinyl lettering can cost as little (or less even) than $10. What better way can you decorate your home in a custom fashion for less than $10? Really, when it come to home decor, you don't have many options these days.

Furthermore, vinyl lettering can be customized to say whatever you want and/or to be whatever color you desire. If you want your husband to put up a 5' x 10' banner in your bedroom saying that he loves you along with pictures of roses, then he can do that and then take it down the next day or leave it if you want.

This is just one example of the countless options you have in using vinyl to decorate your home. Be creative and do what you want - that's the whole point of vinyl wall lettering!

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What is Vinyl Wall Lettering

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This article was published on 2010/04/02